RHK Series: 50-990 kw

RHK-AK 204 with inclined ash conveyor

Our RHK boiler series has been designed with fuel flexibility in mind. With a large combustion chamber and chain and flight de-ashing system the RHK series is suitable for burning a wide variety of biomass fuels from wood chip and pellets to miscanthus and rape straw.

We provide the boiler in the following sizes: 50, 60, 75, 100, 150, 198, 300, 400, 500, 650, 850 & 990kw with two possible variants for the 150 and 198kw boilers, with the "154/204" denoting the wider and shorter boilers, and the "155/205" being the narrower and taller versions.

A favourite amoungst farmers and estate owners the RHK series is able to efficiently burn a wide variety of different fuels, often of a lower grade than most other boilers can cope with but due to our robust chain and flight de-ashing system the RHK can deal with the most problemtaic ash/clinker, associated with high silica fuels such as low grade chip with high bark:wood ratio, miscanthus and rape straw. 

The following is supplied as standard with the RHK-AK series:

  • Parallel extraction agitator system with a 5000Nm torque gear box - (from 1000-7000mm in 200mm increments).
  • Solid core augers, continuously seem welded - (Diameter/2-200mm) for open-channel length and up to 6000mm for closed-channel.
  • Milling cutter/rotary valve to allow cutting of any oversize fuel.
  • Automatic ignition through single or double glow bars linked to primary air blower.
  • Automated ash removal system via chain & flight for to provide efficient fuel specific ash removal.
  • Self cleaning of heat exchangers through the periodic rotation of turbulators linked to the de-ashing system.
  • Combustion fully modulated according to flue gas O2 content and temperature combined with return water temp.
  • Automatic ash removal into ash collection bin available in either 45, 240 or 900ltrs depending on the size of boiler.
  • Complete control through the SIMATIC 7" touch screen control system, linked to SMS modem and/or smartphone monitoring.
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