Pioneer in biomass heating since 1982

Robert Bloos built the first automatic discharger system for woodchips in 1982. The idea behind it was to use wood from his own forest with the same comfort as he would fossil fuels. In the beginning the discharger system was only to supply the boiler with woodchips for his own agricultural business, yet more and more people showed their enthusiasm for the “Heizomat”.

Today Heizomat has more than 200 employees incl. a large training workshop with 14 apprentices in the two Bavarian towns of Gunzenhausen/Maicha as well as Heidenheim in Central Franconia. The production area has developed from a garage to today's size of over 35,000 m².

As well as automated boilers systems for woodchips and biomass, Heizomat has specialised itself in the construction of hand and crane operated chippers, filling technology for woodchip storage, woodchip transportation systems and gripper for trunk and treetop wood.

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