The National Trust: Heizomat at Ickworth

heizomat boiler at Ickworth House

heizomat boiler at Ickworth House

National trust has installed a Heizomat biomass boiler at Ickworth house in Suffolk as part of their renewable energy investments.

The 600 Acres of woodland on the estate will provide all the fuel needed to power the 200kW boiler. It is estimated that the estate will save £13,000 a year in fuel costs. The woodland will require thinning which increases biodiversity allowing light and space for new habitats and fresh plants as well providing a renewable source of woodchip.

The installation is the first of a £3.5million pilot taking place across five UK properties. The National trust plan to expand the scheme to a further 38 properties in order to halve fossil fuel consumption by 2020, saving £4million a year.

Read the article from The Guardian newspaper here.

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