HSK Series: 50-198 kw

HSK-RA 60 with 'Design package'

These high efficiency wood gasification boilers are manufactured to the highest specification in Germany and whilst primarily designed for woodchip (the lowest cost and most versatile of fuels), Heizomat's HSK boilers are capable of burning woodchip, pellets, shavings and sawdust.

Heizomat have perfected the art of automated biomass heating; creating the HSK range of boilers which provide automation on every level:

  • Automated ignition; electric glow bar ignition controlled by heat requirements or a timer;
  • Fuel fed automatically on demand via an auger attached to an adjacent fuel store;
  • Self cleaning: turbulators in the heat exchanger rotate periodically to remove soot/tar and maintain efficiency over time;
  • Self modulating: high fuel efficiency combustion at partial and full peak load, through intelliegent infeed control based on flue gas characteristics.
  • Automated ash removal: with the HSK system, a sweep arm pushes ash through the grate and into the deashing auger which feeds into the galvanised ash bin.
  • 7" Touch screen SIMATIC controls manage full automation of the system and are linked to text alerts and remote monitoring┬áto ensure full peace of mind.
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