The HeizoTrans blower system was the first of the HeizoTrans series to be developed. The HeizoTrans represents how Heizomat as a company, engineer biomass solutions. Having mastered the art of combustion through their extensive range of boilers, similarly their range of equally world class chippers, Heizomat essentially combined their expertise to create this fast, effective hopper filling system which removes the need for blower lorries and which can accept either bucketed, tipped, or push floor trailer deliveries.

As fuel is loaded into the filling trough a series of bars to prevent large foreign bodies entering, an auger at the base feeds fuel towards the blower, which in fact actually uses paddles as in the HeizoHack chippers to “hit” the chips up the spout. The HeizoTrans blower represents a fast, efficient delivery system, however the downside is that it is relatively noisy and can cause some dust depending on fuel type.

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