Heizomat Touch Control TS7

Sensational technology with self-explanatory menu navigation. This is the new Touch Control TS7 with Simatic. 30 years of experience in combustion technology and state-of-the-art Siemens technology characterise the best Heizomat control unit of all time.

Thanks to the industrial quality and the use of Siemens components a global availability of replacement parts as well as a long life cycle are guaranteed.

Special features:

  • Load stage regulation / Firebed forming / Lambda regulation
  • Return flow increase
  • Return-temperature monitoring
  • Operating hours counter for various operation processes
  • Sm@rtServer for visualisation on a smartphone or PC
  • Selection of various fuels which are freely definable
  • Chimney sweep mode for full and part load measurement
  • Measured value recording from 2 to 48 hours
  • Modbus-TCP interface for building control
  • External boiler temperature setting
  • Either 4 or 7-inch screen sizes

and much more!

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