Fuel handling

Heizomat produce various machines to enable the fast and efficient bulk handling movement of biomass fuels; HeizoTrans, HeizoSchneck, HeizoGrief, HeizoShaufel and HeizoStroh:

HeizoTrans - The HeizoTrans has been specially designed to efficiently move wood chips to where you need them fast. Capable of lifting woodchips up to 10m, and a maximum output of 60m3 and is suitable for square or circular hoppers up to 7m in diameter. The Heizotrans is powered by a powerful 11kw motor which drives a 1440rpm fan and auger fed trough allowing for filling with standard agricultural tippers or front loaders.

HeizoSchneck - A fuel transport auger, with its own motor and  gear box, this system allows fuel to be transported from a tipping trough or secondary hopper. The HeizoSchneck is available in a variety of lengths to suit your application.

HeizoGreif - A hydraulic timber grab for use with both timber in the round as well as brushwood. Manufactured in Germany by Heizomat, the HeizoGreif is a robust and multi-purpose tool for moving timber prior to chipping.

HeizoSchaufel - A chip bucket to attach to a front loader, allowing fast and efficient movement of bulk quantities of chip, pellets or sawdust.

HeizoStroh - A bale shredding machine to process biomass bales prior to burning in the boiler.



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