Containerised Solutions

We offer a wide range of containerised options, in-fact we can tailor a system to meet your needs in almost every scenario so if you don’t find the solution you require here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Containerised boiler systems

We can provide containerisation of our boilers up to and including 500kw, within a single new shipping container, which can be insulated, lined, and fitted with an additional door, window and roller blind if required. For smaller systems a partition call be built between the boiler room and fuel store with either one of two infeed systems.

  • dual agitator (for multi fuel)
  • sloping floor and auger (for pellet only)

Or the boiler is containerised and integrated with an adjacent HeizoTank or pellet silo for increased fuel storage capacity.

HeizoTank Hoppers

Origionally made with wooden slatted sides the HeizoTank hopper system is now available with metal sides and available in in 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5m and all at 3, 4, 5 or 6m tall. The HeizoTank provides a purpose built, high capacity hopper and when used with our parrallel extraction auger system provides a high capacity solution with ultimate fuel flexibility.

Pellet Silos

Working with Collinson, a leading UK silo manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of pellet silos to meet your specific on-site requirements. Available in a range of diameters and heights and available with explosion relief panels as standard as well as options for level monitoring.

Walking floor systems

Our Heizomat manufactured walking floor systems can either be fitted into a hook lift container, or supplied seperately for fitting into a purpose-built or existing fuel store. The walking fllor system provides a robust solution to long and narrow fuel stores.


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