Containerised Boilers

One of the most simple containerised formats is to have both the boiler and the fuel store integrated into a single shipping container. We have a wide variety of options available from 50-500kw. There are two potential formats to containerising the whole system:

  1. Agitator(s) : Where depending on the size of the fuel store it is possible to use two rotating agitators, both of which feed into the same open channel auger, feeding through the partition wall into the boiler section;
  2. Sloping floor and Auger : This system is suitable if only pellets will used in the boiler system. The fuel store side of the container is then fitted out with a sloping floor feeding into an auger that runs the length of the fuel store (up to 7m).

Both options are pre-assembled and pre-wired in our factory in Germany and represent an almost plug and play solution. Our containers are available in 20, 30 and 40ft and are all supplied new, insulated, lined and holes precut prior to painting in any RAL colour of your choice.

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