Chipper Manufacturing

The HeizoHack chipper range is arguably the most extensive available on the market. Synonymous for their build quality, HeizoHack chippers are versatile, robust, adaptable and highly efficient. Heizomat first engineered their boilers as a reaction to having to manually load a wood-gasification boiler, next came the HeizoHack in order to provide a uniform biomass woodchip from a variety of raw materials.

We manufacture all our chippers in Germany from the highest quality raw materials and components to provide a wide range of both hand and crane feed options.

In the UK through our chipper partners we offer the following HeizoHack support services:

  • UK based service and technical support;
  • High speed chassis modifications for UK spec;
  • Crane modifications and adaptations;
  • Rail and tank tracks available for fitting;
  • Integration with UniMogs.
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