Boiler Support

At Heizomat GmbH and Heizomat UK we aim to provide the highest quality support and advice from our highly experienced technical staff. Whether you want information on boiler service plans, technical advice and support or just simply want advice on the most appropriate biomass solution for your application, our trained support staff are here for you.

  • Assembly service to UK based installers: We have a number of teams of Heizomat engineers in the UK which assist installers nationwide with the assembly of the boiler system on-site, at which point the system is pre-commissioned and handed over to the installers to complete the wet works.
  • Installer training and support : we have demonstration sites throughout the country as well as working boilers at both our English and Scottish offices from which we offer installer training and carry out various informative events.
  • Technical support helpline for installers and end users
  • Extended warranty plans : on larger orders, we offer on behalf of Heizomat a full range of extended, manufacturer backed (not simply insurance) extended warranties of up to 20years. Please contact for more information.
  • Spare parts : We offer an extremely fast and efficient parts supply service, most parts are held in the UK, but we would endeavour to have smaller parts within 24-48hrs whether from Germany or the UK, and for larger parts really the time taken for transport.


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