Boiler Manufacturing

All of our boiler systems are made ‘in-house’ by our own highly trained blacksmiths, engineers and technicians. Only the highest quality materials are used; quite simply high grade sheet steel enters the factory and amoungst the finest biomass boilers on the market emerge. Motors

Heizomat have a well established engineering pedigree and we are relatively unique in the fact that we truly manufacture our boilers rather than outsourcing to third parties in Eastern Europe as so many of our competitors seem to do.

We have two factories, both located in Bavaria, Germany and from which we have the capacity to manufacture in excess of 2000 boilers per year, however with our out of season manufacturing capacity we currently increasing capacity inline with current demand to ensure we can deliver your boiler within 4-5 weeks of order.

Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a tour of the Heizomat factories in Germany.


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